The Great C2E2 Artist’s Alley List

C2E2 is this weekend!
One of the things I love about conventions is that I get to see so many friends and make new ones…people whom I usually interact with on twitter and Facebook and see only at the cons.

C2E2 Wired

This year, there are so many people whose work I love and admire at C2E2 and I thought instead of making some gigantic run of tweets, I’d compile a master list of people whose tables at Artist’s Alley are definitely worth your taking a look. Because everyone needs a convention budget…or else you end up just buying everything that catches your fancy…and these individuals are the best people to acquire beautiful works from, whether books, little curios, or art ready to be framed and hung on the wall. I have bought much and given to kickstarters for many of the people on this list, and they are wonderful individuals.

I must give pride of place to Sara Woolley in T7 because she and I have been working together for over a year on a project which shall be discussed on this site all the more in the coming months. I met her in October 2013 at NYCC when I walked by her table and her art made me stop and look. Time for all of you to have the same sensation!

Then going down in alphabetical order

A4 – Chad Sell 

G4 – Four Star Studios, and I must single out Sean Dove

I11 – Ramon Perez 

K1 – The Sun Brothers

K2 – The Satrun Sisters

M17 – Drew Gaska

N2 – Dave Scheidt

N3 – Eric Roesner

N12 – Bill Willingham

O3 – Brent Schoonover

O12 – Ray Fawkes

P12 – James Tynion IV

Q9 – Janet Lee

S14 – Jeremy Bastian

U1 – David Petersen

U3 – Amy Mebberson 

U4 – James Silvani

V3 – Thom Zahler

Have a wonderful con, everybody! I’ll be reporting on it next week!

(Photo from Wired)

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